Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Everything is a Toy

If I had lots of time to waste (more than I already do), I'd go around the house taking pictures of the non-cat toys that the kitten uses as toys. However, even I don't have that kind of time. And you really don't want to look at pictures of rubber bands, pine cones, feathers, dead mice, hair bands, my ankle, dog toys, mittens, chair legs or bits of carpeting (this is not an exhaustive list).

But who wouldn't want to look at a picture of a cute kitten with a shoe?
Yes, the kitten thinks shoes are up for grabs as toys as well.

The kitten (currently known as The Captain) is going through a stage where he plays constantly, interrupted only by thirty second naps. Then, he's back to terrorizing all living beings (as well as specks of dirt) in the household. From the kitten's perspective, the world is an exciting place where everything is fun and a potential pounce-able target.

In time, the world will not be so wondrous to him, just the same old same old, with an occasionally interesting bug passing him by.

Even if one is resistant to the idea of God's presence, the natural creation is a constant source of wonder and awe. To many, it is what sends them to believe in God. The world is God's creation, meant for perfection before humans, his penultimate creation, messed it up quite a bit.

Yet it is still God's gift to us, and we can enjoy it with the wonder and joy of a kitten discovering his world. We should not be jaded by the good that is still in our world and in each other. There are the moments that we can regard all that is in it as an exciting adventure.

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  1. "captain" is about the same age as "whiskers" and they look very similar. i adopted whiskers about 2 weeks ago (he was abandoned) so i can understand where you are coming from on a "new" kittens adventures. it took some time for winky (the old cat) to accept him into our household but eventually willy (dog) wonka (dog) winky and wendy (the other recently abandoned/adopted cat) has accepted him into their daily life. God accepts all who come to him!! thankfully he is a forgiving God and it isnt the struggle that winky had accepting whiskers. (yes, all my animals start with a "W" which sounds really cute but causes me to go thru all their names before i get it right )