Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Treating Others Better Than You Treat Yourself

As Ohio bakes under what is being described as a "heat dome," it's important to note that the dogs in the kennel are lounging in the air conditioning. It's actually cooler out there than it is in my house.

Is it because I am a kind and generous person?

No, it is because I am cheap. A miser.

Being generous with others is not easy. Even people who are naturally generous may find themselves jaded after having people take advantage of their kind nature. Instead of giving, we keep track.

When I consider God's character, "generous" is not the first attribute that comes to mind. Yet he is abumding in generosity. Everything we have is from God's good hand. I tend to keep track of what God has NOT given me, or the stuff I had but it was taken away.

God's economy is not like us humans' at all. He's always going around turning everything on its ear with the "last shall be first" mentality. It's not easy to grasp.

Generosity comes from the heart. Our hearts tend to be small and selfish. A heart transformed by God is big and gives to others, treating others better than we treat ourselves.

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