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Monday, July 18, 2011

Hurt Versus Harm

Some people do not like pinch or prong collars on dogs because they say "it hurts them." My response, "yes, it's supposed to." While their use is hotly debated, my own stance is if you have a dog with a thick neck and a high learning curve, then if you wish to communicate (aka "train") your dog efficiently, then use what works. Use it properly, of course. They are not for every breed and every personality. You must know your dog to know if they are right for it.

Below is Dooley going to the vet. Am I hurting him putting him in the crate? Not intentionally, but he sure was terrified.
However, going to the vet is good for Dooley's health. Since I want a healthy cat, I have to put him through some pain and discomfort.

Using a prong collar (correctly) may hurt a dog for a brief second, but it is not harmful. Putting Dooley through the stress of stuffing him in the crate may hurt him some, but it's for a bigger purpose (although to be fair, I'm debating whether it's becoming harmful as it's soooo stressful for him).

Often I get upset if I feel like God is hurting me, or just "being mean" to me. But often He is simply getting my attention for a bigger purpose. God IS good and God is loving. God sees what we are unable to understand. When it hurts, there's often a plan that is better than our own.

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  1. Aw yes, that famous "it's for your own good" saying. Which is true more as I get older than I ever thought possible. I used it on my kids and of course the pets on "vet visit" day. As I read your post I realized how true it is that God also uses this in our lives. Thanks for spreading the word and for helping me to understand better God's Ways.