Friday, July 22, 2011

Picking Up Bad Habits

Usually, cats run at the noise of vaccuum cleaners. Some run at the site of them, realizing the horrible sound is not far behind.
But the Captain has no fear of vaccuums.

He hangs out with the dogs. He pretty much does what they do and looks at the cats with curiosity. They look at him like he's a vaccuum cleaner, as he attacks everything.

This morning when I vaccuumed, all three stared from the other side of the double doors (I have to block out the dogs as they attack it).
No fear. The Captain has no concern about the vaccuum because his dog friends have none.

There's a saying that it's harder to pull someone up on a stool with you than it is to be pushed off by someone.

It's easy to pick up our friends (or co-workers, etc.) than it is for our good habits to rub off on others (assuming we have them).

Christ forgives our sins when we run to him. We are pretty much powerless over our sins and bad habits. Sometimes we "win" but we "lose" just as often. God allows us to realize (over and over) that we need Him. Not just his power to help us in our weakness, but to forgive us when we capitulate.

With Jesus, we have no need to fear the vaccuums of our lives.

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