Wednesday, August 31, 2011

For the Howl of It

This is Sadie (hi Sadie!). Sadie visits the kennel a few times a year.
Sometimes she gets to go with her owner on trips and sometimes she doesn't. When she doesn't, she gets to hang out with me. Even though Sadie likes me and will even take walks with my dogs, she still lets me know she'd rather not be in the kennel.

She likes to howl.

It's not bad, it's not often, and it's not loud. Actually, I think she finds it entertaining. Sometimes she has plenty of company. There's been a few times when dogs who don't howl will do so when other dogs start up with it. There's a group of schnauzers who love to get everyone singing the Kennel Time Blues.

And I get it. I mean, I can be in a perfectly fine situation, but I decide to whine/howl to God about my list of complaints. Life is perfectly good, but I decide I want to complain about the "extras" I think I should have.

It's easy to find plenty of company to complain. It's easy for it to become a habit. And it can be plenty entertaining.

However, it ultimately only makes me more miserable since I'm focusing on what I don't have, and not the vast assortment of what I do enjoy.

What about you? Do you find yourself howling at the moon when you don't have what you want? Is it easy to skip over the many blessings and think it's just never enough?

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