Monday, August 8, 2011

If You Lead Me, I Will Follow

Here are Dooley and Cricket on a recent walk (Hi Dooley! Hi Cricket!). Cricket, being a Border Collie, naturally wants to take the lead. Herding dogs crave control (I can relate). Dooley, affable and with no reason to object, happily follows along.
Who is stronger, the follower or the leader? We tend to think that the follower is weak while the leader is strong. While one hopes that the leader is indeed strong and has good judgement, it doesn't mean a follower is weak.

A study on meakness reveals it is far from weakness. Meakness means one has assessed the situation, and made a conscious effort to allow another to either lead or perhaps experience their own consequences without intervention. In other words, it's often harder to "let go" of controlling a situation than it is to rush in and take care of business.

The Lord, the Good Shepherd, is a trustworthy leader. Studying God's ways and character, assessing fully who He is and how He works, allows us to become humble and meak. God is perfectly willing to lead us. We just need the strength to follow.

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