Monday, August 22, 2011

Respecting Our Elders

This is Abby (hi Abby!). Abby was a new guest at the kennel recently.
Fortunately, Abby had spent time in other kennels during the course of her life,so being here wasn't too traumatic. Dogs who've never been in a kennel until their older years often have trouble adjusting.

Not Abby. She got the routine down well. The only "problem" she had was waiting til meal time to eat. Abby, I can so relate.

In a culture that values productivity and staying busy, we tend to become impatient with older people. They aren't concerned about productivity and busy-ness. They are in a position to enjoy life as it comes to them, looking back at all they've survived with a certain amount of confidence at surviving circumstances.

Of course not every person can look back at their life and think "ah, a job well done." It's never too late to change. It's never too late to turn away from our bad habits, nasty personality traits, and begin to embrace a life with God, who turns our tears and pain into something that can actually be used for God's glory.

Next time you see that senior citizen shuffling through the parking lot, taking their own sweet time in the pedestrian crossing, appreciate what they know and have experienced. It's likely more than you can understand.

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  1. The older I get the less bitter I am with the world around me. The peaceful moments I can spend with God help me to have a more loving and caring attitude in my daily living. (I still have issues with road rage, am currently working on this) The freedom from juggling kids, school, activities and work seem to help me to focus more on a spiritual level of life. (BEEP BEEP, now put the phone down and DRIVE) lol