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Friday, August 12, 2011

What Will You Do With Freedom?

Prior to this week, trusting Tilly off of her leash in public areas was risky. Her first opportunity ended with her chasing deer on a freezing cold December day. After looking for her, and enlisting friends on the search, I didn't often give her an opportunity to see what choices she would make.
This week, some road work was being done along our usual route, closing it to all traffic. I let her off leash. Her initial response was shock. She honestly didn't know what to do. I'm happy to report she followed along close to my side for over a half mile. The only reason I put her back on is we ran out of road.

Jesus tells us to give Him our burdens, to enjoy the freedom from the burden of sin and revel in forgiveness.

Does this make me want to run out and sin more? To run away and chase what will only bring danger and sorrow?


But then I remember God has a better plan for me. What I receive from the Lord is so much better than anything I can bring back to Him. It is love that constrains me from pursuing what I know is false and heartbreaking. Instead, I stay by the side of the One who loves me beyond my comprehension.

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