Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Getting Good Gifts

Look! Cupcakes!
Look again - dog treats! Notice how Sampson and Wimpy devour them just like I do "people" cupcakes. Yum!
The owner loves to give her dogs good treats. They come with some really gorgeous goodies and fancy treats like microwaveable "pup"corn. (who knew?). She also generously gave me a couple of them to try for my dogs.

There is a Bible scripture that talks about how God likes to give us good gifts. It asks if a father would give his son a snake. Of course not, a good father gives good gifts.

When I went through some very dark days, angry at God, this notion didn't ring true because of the pain I was experiencing. How could God be good when I hurt so much? A bible teacher I really like often says "God is not a child abuser." I knew this was true. That's what I would remind myself - that God still loved me and all this pain was something I didn't necessarily understand. In the midst of it, there was still "good gifts." If nothing else, God's very presence was there to comfort me. And what could be better than that?

When Wimpy and Sampson are in the kennel, it's not their favorite place to be. But even there, their owner gives them good gifts, even if it's me who is delivering them.

Today, look at how God is loving you, even if it is hard to see. Tell me what you found.

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