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Monday, March 19, 2012

Going Home

Here's Ellie, all packed up and ready to go home after a visit to the kennel (hi Ellie!).
Ellie's owner travelled an hour and a half to bring her. Ellie has diabetes and requires a shot of insulin every twelve hours. Having difficulty finding a kennel to accomodate this, she talked to her sister (hi Jean!) and we connected.

Ellie is a very bright dog and apparently has picked up some acting lessons along the way as well. When her owner was backing out of the driveway, Ellie lunged and barked, locking eyes on the car, desperate to get her owner to come back.

Then, unless you've actually seen it, you probably won't believe what happened next. After the owner was out of sight, Ellie turned and voluntarily walked to the kennel, wagging her tail! Inside, she wanted to play with a toy. She took a treat.

What happened to the dog that seemed horrified to see her owner go? Could it be the dog was trying to manipulate her owner? It's happened more often than I can tell you - the dog makes a scene, but as soon as hope for changing the owner's mind is gone, the dog reverts to absolute normal, resigned to make the best of the kennel life.

But when Ellie's owner came back six days later, oh what a reunion! Both were happy to see each other. And look at Ellie's face - doesn't it look relaxed? She's happy.

We are travellers through this world. It's not easy, and not always what we want with our lives. We can beg and plead for God to change our circumstances. Sometimes it happens. Oftentimes, it does not. God can change US though - and He wants to, so much. When we allow those changes, making us more like him and less selfish, it is a good life.

"Going home" for us puts a smile on my face. Though the time before that happens may be years away, I can make the most of my time here, knowing my Master is not far away, always with my best interest in His heart.

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