Monday, March 26, 2012

Kody Works Out

This is Kody (hi Kody!).
Kody is a rescued Border Collie mix whose owners are on "the older side." Kody has always needed a lot of exercise. When his owners couldn't provide it, they tried to let Kody roam as he would, since he always returned home. That didn't work out so well. Now he has a designated walker to give him his much exercise.

"A good dog is a tired dog." Exercise reduces a dog's anxieties and gives a positive physical jolt to their systems, as it does for us humans as well.

Have you read how puzzles and games our good for our mental health, creating a work-out for our brains? Developing a practice of connecting to God is good for our spiritual health.

All of this requires "discipline." It's a taboo word in our culture. "Do what feels good" is the mantra we hear over and over, along with "you deserve it." Discipline implies we must put aside what we want to do naturally and do what is difficult.

When we put our spiritual house in order, the other matters of physical and mental health are also likely to improve.

Like Kody, we can't always be trusted to give ourselves the best "work out." We may wander to places that others don't want us, or run in the dangerous road. Perhaps we are like Kody in that we need Someone trustworthy to lead us.

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