Friday, March 9, 2012

Next Stop World Domination

Meet Bo (hi Bo!). Oh how I wish this picture had turned out better. Not only is Bo a handsome devil, his expression upon pilfering this toy from another dog's kennel run was priceless.
As you'll see, the toy's size is disproportionate to Bo's. It's not like that was going to slow him down one bit.

Bo is one of those Dachshunds that has a big, tough personality, but at the same time is a delight and friendly. In short, if Bo were a world leader, he may be a lot like Napoleon. His owner told me that Bo likes to play with Basset Hounds. At the kennel, no dog intimidated Bo. Given the opportunity, Bo liked to sneak into other dog's kennel runs to sample their food. Or steal their toys.

One of the reasons I like Bo so much is he reminds me of my tendency to take over. However, in a person, it can be less than charming. It's something I have had to learn to tone down, keep in check, shut my mouth...sit on my name it - it needs controlled. At the same time, not too many things bother me or intimidate me.

That makes it a little tough to "submit" or listen to others. Having been told, and realizing it myself, that I'm "uncoachable" has been a gift.

Often our best qualities can work against us as well. Conversely, our worst qualities can protect us and serve us well in times of crisis. But when it's time, we need to override some of our tendencies and work with and not against others.

When asked what my biggest obstacle in my spiritual life is, I've had to honestly answer that I tend to rip God from the throne and sit there myself. The problem is, I'm not well-equipped to control the universe and barely manage my own life.

It's not good to take on a toy too big.

What is your best quality that works against you? How do you turn it around?

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