Sunday, August 19, 2012

Can You See Me Now?

See that tiny little dog?  That's Coco (hi Coco!)

When I put Coco's bedding and bowls into her kennel run, she followed me to see what I was doing.  Then, I closed the gate.  And...she walked right between the wall and gate.

She seemed so proud of herself.

I moved her to a different run that had a smaller gap.

Same thing.

Again, Coco was impressed with her ability to escape.

Finally, I put her in a large wire cage and that is where she stayed.  She was easily one of the smallest dogs who has stayed here.  Yet, she sure seemed oblivious to this.  Fearless among the bigger dogs, Coco acted just like any other dog.  However, it was important to keep tabs on her at all times, because she found that she could slip out of the large outside runs as well.  She couldn't get out-out, but she could get out of her run, and slip into the run of another dog.  Fortunately, she was among friendly dogs, but she needed constant supervision!

Don't we sometimes miss our vulnerabilities, thinking we can run with the big dogs, not realizing that we could be in great danger.

God sees us.  He knows where we are at all times. 

A couple years ago, I visited Mammoth Cave in Kentucky.  As we descended more than a mile under the earth, I had my very first experience with clauterphobia.  Bad timing.  Turning around really wasn't an option.  Neither was freaking out.  Instead, I prayed - earnestly.  Slowly, I calmed down.  The realization hit me that even in the "deep places of the earth," God sees us, cares about us, and wants us to turn to Him.

Perhaps you don't want to be seen.  That doesn't change the fact that God is aware of you.  If you are feeling vulnerable, like no one cares, God is there.

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