Monday, August 27, 2012

Did You Say Something?

For two and a half weeks, I had the pleasure of caring for B.C. (hi B.C.!).
Oh look - he's saying "hi" back.

I asked if "B.C." stood for "Best Cat."  It stands for "Black Cat."  However, he IS the best cat!

He handled the strangeness of being away from home and surrounded by dogs perfectly - it seemed not to bother him one bit.  When I picked him up, he'd lean into me for a cuddle.  So....darn....sweet!

Studies have shown that black dogs and black cats in shelters are the most often overlooked because they do not stand out in their cages as potential adopters pass by.  Obviously, taking the time to "get to know" these animals would lead to pleasant surprises and wonderfully natured pets.

Who have you overlooked today?  Perhaps you pass someone by because there is nothing noteworthy about them.  Perhaps you yourself feel like you are faded into the background, and no one sees the wonderful qualities you posess.

God sees each as he created them - fearfully and WONDERFULLY made.  Our potential, our actual selves, speak loudly to our Creator God.  It is painful to realize we have not treated someone with the respect they deserve just as it is painful to be overlooked.

Treating others as we ourselves want to be treated is acknowledging the God-bestowed gift others posess, even if their physical presence is something less than spectacular.

Take time today to appreciate the people around you, as well as the wonderful aspects God has given you, including His great Love.


  1. This makes me glad I adopted two black shelter dogs, who were probably overlooked by those before me. :)

  2. Jimmy and Gus are both wonderful!