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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

You Get to Choose

Many times, I've been in circumstances that I absolutely found awful. There was no way out, just passing all the way through. (Okay, I'm not sure why this photo came out so tiny - they are not chihuahuas but big mastiff-mixes) Bella and Cosmo were recently here at the kennel (hi Bella! hi Cosmo!). Cosmo breezed through the experience, looking with wonder at the other dogs' antics, enjoying every treat and pat on the head. Bella...not so much. It took her a few days to come around. She showed no interest in me whatsoever (though she did eat the treats) and spent some time sulking. Eventually, she realized I wasn't so bad after all. Since she was here, she might as well make the most of it, even if it wasn't her idea of a good time. Sometimes we can't change our circumstances, no matter how painful they may be. The only thing we can change is our attitude and approach toward it. During the most trying of times, the only way that happens without faking it is to draw on the Lord for his supernatural strength. This morning, I read how Paul the Apostle, the man who used to go around killing anyone who followed Jesus, found himself in prison, facing death. Yet, he ran to the Lord, and was able to say that he could do all things through God's strength, even prison and a death sentence. Today consider what you find trying in your life and your attitude about it. Run to God for a dose of encouragement and a double dose of strength.

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  1. Love the reference to Paul the Apostle, His story is one lf my favorites. He was so close to God and His letters can be applied to our lives today.
    Also, I can't believe Bella took a couple days to love up to you. She just didn't know who she was dealing with. You are the best dog-sitter ever. Glad she finally understood how much you care.