Friday, August 17, 2012

Taking Cover

One cool morning, I came into the kennel to find this:
Bo, all snuggled in for a long summer's nap.

For small dogs, particularly dachshunds and small terriers, this is not uncommon.  Yet it always makes me smile.  It's also nice to know that not all dogs are "morning people."

In unfamiliar territory, a blanket from home offers comfort like nothing else can.  Just like coming back from vacation, there's nothing like sleeping in your own bed.

Sometimes we find comfort in a conversation with a friend or even (ahem) a pint of Ben and Jerry's (may I recommend "Chocolate Therapy?").  When we end our talk and empty the ice cream and the problem persists, then what?  The God of All Comforts is only a prayer away.  During both the horribly difficult times of my life and now when there is a time of "smooth sailing," I'm thankful that God's comfort and peace persists.  Situations change, friends can become unreliable and chocolate has some serious disadvantages.  While these are wonderful things, they can't always penetrate the deep places of our heart - the ones only God can pierce and heal. 

Today, no matter what, seek the comfort of the Lord.  It will feel like a wonderful warm blanket.


  1. So I've been staring and looking for a dog here, guess he's all curled up under his blankie? Good post and some great thoughts, thanks.

  2. Thank You Anonymous, I thought I was going crazier. LOL I was hoping the 1 comment was in reference to "where is the dog?" WHEW. ok, now I can continue to read the story.

  3. Yes, Bo was buried quite well into his blankie. Imagine my concern when I saw just a blanket. Happens often with these little dogs!

    Thanks for reading!