Monday, August 13, 2012

Cricket, You Can Drive My Car

(only Beatles fans might understand the title) Cricket was here, maintaining order and taking her aggression out on her tennis ball. If Cricket had thumbs, she would have driven home, and managed to stay in the lines the whole way. As a Border Collie, Cricket craves order. And according to her owner, has a deep aversion to shiny things. She is also immaculately obedient. Generally, I like order and can be focused. Lately, however, I've been living just shy of chaos in a messy house and shiny things are always distracting me. Have you noticed how once that pile of papers is finally resolved and the floor is cleaned how much better you feel? I remember that feeling, and I need to get it back! It's easy, way too easy, to put our relationship with God on the back burner. Our spiritual life quickly becomes chaotic, and the tyranny of the immediate is the shiny thing that takes us away from quiet, focused time with God. Let's all be more like Cricket. The way to do that is to run to the Lord.

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