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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Biding Our Time

This is Shayla (hi Shayla). Isn't she cute? Shayla is a Shiba Inu, a dog known for not barking. Shayla is a quiet dog, and true to her breed, a bit stand-offish. While she was no trouble while she was here, she looked at me as if her plight of being in the kennel was her fault. About half the dogs that stay in the kennel seem to genuinely enjoy their time doing something different. They like seeing and even playing with other dogs, along with their special treats. The break in the routine is welcome. Then there are the other half, who begrudge every moment of their time away from home. This silly little plastic flower makes me happy. It sways back and forth when the light hits it, despite the cold and gray of winter. Often I'm tempted to begrudge the horrible wind and cold of winter. Maybe I should welcome the break in the routine of being inside more often. Maybe I should receive my chang in circumstances as a gift from God - something to enjoy and observe and learn from the differences. What do you like about winter?

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