Friday, February 22, 2013

Oliver Twist the Kitten - an Update

Do you remember last Fall the baby kitten abandoned on my property? He's been in his new home about three months now. It seems "Ollie" dotes on his new owner and she on him. However, one of his habits is less than charming. He enjoys pouncing onto his owner's shoulder (or, if he misses, her back). Since he has his nails, this is both startling and painful. Bad Ollie! When we are uncertain and can not trust those around us, we are hesitant and reserved. However, when we are loved in a genuine, safe way, we blossom. Sometimes we're down right exhuberant. We may even get carried away in our glee and accidentally over do it. "Love believes all things, endureth all things...." Isn't it good that even our misbehavior, when rooted in love, can also be seen in this lens?

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