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Monday, February 25, 2013

What a Brute!

Meet Brute (hi Brute). Isn't he a beaut (harhar)? This nine month old Labrador recently visited the kennel. At this young age, he's been with his current owner about three months, and as you can tell from his expression, he adores his new owner. And well he should. Not only does Brute have a new home, he has a new life. You see his previous home wasn't able to provide him with much in the way of exercise, play, or even companionship. Now he has all three, including obedience training (and he's spot on!). Maybe Brute didn't know his last home wasn't providing him all he needed. Maybe he thought that's just what life was - tedious and frustrating. Life for us humans can often become tedious and frustrating. Is there a place to go with all of our negative feelings? Is there a better home? Yes! Realizing there is a perfect "home" waiting for us, if only we turn to God. God sent Jesus to die for our transgressions. Jesus said he'd take our burdens - including our feelings of frustration and boredeom - and give us something better. It's not just a better way and hope for a future, but a better life. Run to your new Master today!

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