Wednesday, February 6, 2013

"How Do You Know When It's Time to....You Know?"

Fifteen years of kenneling dogs in this area has brought me into contact with families who brought me a puppy when I first opened the doors to watching it mature and age. I've dealt with dozens of calls from owners asking me "When do you know it's time know....?" "Time to go to the vet?" "Um, yes." There's the "Fifty Percent Rule." That is, if the pet's quality of life is still good over 50% of the time, then maybe it's not time. Once it dips under 50%, it's never a bad decision. Easier said than done, right? Most of the time, a pet's body breaks down with bladder or hip issues. With Foster, it was not the case. His body was okay, but his senses were shot. It was either going to be a life on the leash, even in the house, or him constantly bumping into things. Only after I agonized and finally prayed for clarity did I see what was necessary. I saw Foster absolutely pushing himself to his limit to walk outside, find the steps, and stumble into the house. His drive, like his Cattle Dog nature dictates, would never end. But when I saw he was tired, just worn with his efforts to continue his devotion, that's when I knew it was time. Jesus gives rest to the tired and weary. This is a promise not just for the "afterlife" but one for our every day living. If you are worn out, seek His strength.

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