Monday, February 11, 2013

Can a Gift Be a Burden?

Have you ever received a gift and wondered, "What am I going to do with this thing?" Or were you initially excited about it, then realized it was more trouble than it was worth? To keep Tilly occupied while I had guests, I gave her a bone. Since then, she has been extremely dedicated to it. The first night I had to take it away from her because she wouldn't stop chewing on it, even though I knew she was tired. Yesterday she got it back and there is not much left for her to chew on it. If a cat walks in the same room as her and her bone, she growls. She even snapped at Frankie when he was more interested in bumping against her with no interest in her prize. Tilly even carries it outside so no one will take it. For my last "big" birthday, I bought a new car. I've never done that before and it was a big deal. Since I didn't want to keep it pristine, I let my dogs ride in it right away. However, I worried about dents, etc. Imagine what it's like when you have even more 'stuff' to protect. Is that a good way to live? Can a person really enjoy a prized possession if it's a major source of worry. Some people even do this with their children. A friend of mine lost an adult child in a tragic accident. She told me that amid the grief, she remembered that she and her husband had committed that child to God's ultimate care and protection, while they were the earthly tenders of the child's life. To me, this inspires how I should look at every bit of my life. If it's all God's, He is responsible. While I need to tend my time and cultivate good habits, if I dedicate my decisions to God's ultimate care, then I look at every occurence - whether good or bad - as from God's hand for my benefit for His Kingdom. There is no burden there.

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  1. Many times I act like Tilly with her new bone. Forgetting that God will help me in taking care of whatever it is I am being overly protective about. It can become very stressful doing it by myself. I have to learn to allow God to help me before it gets to the point of an obsessive-compulsive behavior. Which is practicely a daily occurence. ~~sigh~~