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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

"Because I Get A Treat!"

Young children ask "why" to learn about the world.  But not every parent can adequately explain sophisticated reasoning to a simple minded child.

We ask why of God.  We don't get explanations, and the ones we may discern are at best a fraction of the truth.

Dogs don't ask why.  Never.  When we teach them obedience, they obey.  Why?  Because they get a treat.
Perhaps a dog hesitates, but they don't question.  We hesitate.  We question.  Often, we refuse to obey or even believe if we can't understand 100% of the reasoning or proof.

Dogs keep things simple.  They look around their world, see their food, water, box of toys, and warm home and know they are blessed.  If the Master wants something, they know there is a reward in unquestioned obedience.

Fortunately for us, God allows our questions, doubts, fears, and objections.  Yet still He desires our belief, trust, and obedience.  While we don't obey for blessings, we obey for who God is and what He's done by sending Jesus to us, allowing us to be forgiven and perfect in the eyes of the Lord when we believe.  The rewards, though, are amazing, wonderful and eternal.

I don't know about you, but that sounds better than a liver treat any day.

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