Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Comfort of a Friend

Yesterday, Franklin (the large black and white cat) jumped in a cardboard box I had upstairs and acted as if he was going to use it as a litter box.  I shooed him out of there and started making a fire in the wood burner.  Frank jumped in there, again acting like he was going to pee.  Dragging him out of there was pretty interesting as he was covered in soot.  Just when I worried he was blocked (past UTI issues), he went into the basement and had a successful litter box experience (phew!).

Later, I found him and Carbon like this:
Sometimes you just need someone to come alongside you and be there.  Words aren't necessary.

If we believe that Jesus is indeed the Good Shepherd, then we remember that He walks beside us in all the hard times, not sparing us the hard times, but present in them.  Today, keep the spirit of Thanksgiving and thank God for His comfort and companionship.

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