Monday, December 2, 2013

Getting the Stuffing Beat Out of Us

Here's what Thanksgiving stuffing looks like at our house:
Her favorite toy is no more.  When she got it (from a garage sale for $2 - bargain!) during Labor Day weekend, it looked like this:
On the Monday after a holiday weekend, which caterpillar can you relate to?  Full and complete, or ripped to shreds?

It's hard to regroup when we feel like our guts are hanging out.  Focus, energy, and a good attitude seem elusive when we are beat down.  Isn't it interesting how our resolve and determination to be positive dissolves in an instant?

What is the answer?  You can try all the self-talk and writing down quotes for motivation that you want.  If that works for you, well great.  For me, I try to remember to run to the Lord and admit defeat.  Generally my rather surly mood needs a better adjustment and focusing on who God is - unchanging, ever present, and eternally redemptive.

We are fortunate to live in a culture where nearly all our problems and disruptions are "first world problems."  Today look at the big picture.  If you seem awfully small in that world, it's because you are.  But God is the "one who sees me" no matter how small we are.  In His economy, we are far from insignificant.

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