Friday, December 20, 2013

The Old Softy

Soon, Kody will be heading to his new home in Texas.  Yet he loves the snow and has had ample opportunities to enjoy it, including this fabulous new stick he found.
Kody is a softy.  Everyone he meets him finds him to be a sweet and gentle guy.  His good friend Kobe is wonderful, but there is nothing soft about him.  Kody.....Kody is soft.
This morning I heard about a woman who is blogging throughout her serious prognosis.  She's said that when she feels hard, she must make herself soft so that she can feel God's love.  Of course she wrote lots of other profound words, but that concept stuck with me.
"Soft" is not a word that people would use to describe me.  I tend to sail through life, often unaware that I may be walking over someone else, but unintentionally.  I could do with some softness in my life.  Not only is adopting a softer demeanor a way to soften towards the Lord, it is also a way to convey God's love to other people.  Confidence is good, but when I let it turn into a steam roller, there is nothing attractive about that.  The danger of being hard is ever present.  Asking for God's gentle spirit to invade my soul would be a wonderful gift for me and others.
Are you soft?  Or are you the victim of those who are not soft? 

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