Monday, December 16, 2013

Whose Got Your Back?

Here's Captain, the great tree climber.

This morning on the radio, the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge was discussed.  One of the ways deaths were prevented was by a large net that was hung to catch any workers who may fall.  Not only did it catch the man falling, it also allowed the laborers to work more efficiently because they knew a net was below them for security.

There's a certain amount of confidence we each have when we know someone in the world has our back.  We fall, but we get up, and often the dusting off is done by a friend. 

The Lord, who walks with us through the good and anguishing parts of life, not only picks us up when we fall, but redeems the brokenness for something great in God's economy.

When this is fully embraced, we can work with confidence in every part of our lives.


  1. I seem to live being "dusted off" daily. LOL. I fall more often than I like. But thankfully God has my back.