Friday, October 8, 2010

Blinded by Your Vice

That's Tilly with her head in a bag (really, this blurry picture lends itself to many captions). She actually did walk around the kitchen like this before I found her, slamming into the butcher block and oven in her efforts to eat every last morsel at the bottom of the bag.

Both my dogs, Foster and Tilly, love food. They fight over food. When I'm moving around the house, they follow, wondering if it is food related (it often is). When I bring a bag in from the car, they anticipate it being food related. Anything in a forty pound bag is fair game.

I understand.

I didn't spend two hours zumba-ing and turbo-jamming Monday for the fun of it. I love food too. I think about it often. I look at food blogs with deep admiration. I was way ahead the nation's current obsession with bacon (not to be confused with beggin' strips). However, I've also needed to consciously balance this with the reality of slowing metabolism.

Gluttony is a real problem with me. Maybe you wouldn't think so by looking at me, but I know. And God knows. Gluttony is about consumption. And thinking about food can consume me in unhealthy ways. Maybe we think food obsession is not as bad as other obsessions. Really? Have you noticed the commercials that use Al Green tunes - the tangy cheese seducing the hamburger? Uh-huh. It's no different.

What about you? How's your self-control (you don't need to answer that)? Have you noticed the mood you're in when your self-control is slack? Boredom? Loneliness? And while we're at it, what's your favorite restaurant (an easier question to answer)?

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