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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Finding Your Peace

This is Dooley (hi Dooley!). He's my favorite cat. I can say that because my cats can't read and they won't be jealous that I have a favorite.

Dooley is on what's left of Sue's desk. Dooley has been the stereotypical cat that hides when strangers are around.

Once when I was on vacation, Sue was in charge of the dogs and cats. She was describing trying to get another cat in the house and how she had to "hold Dooley" while the other cat (stubborn Carbon) came in the house. Hold Dooley? No one has ever held Dooley without him freaking out entirely. Dooley accepted Sue's authority and attention when normally he flees the scene.

Slowly but slowly, Dooley is learning to accept more people in his life. He's a happier cat for it. He's more confident, less stressed (I don't miss him yowling in the basement while friends visited).

Letting others in our lives is hard. I know I find it so. However, it's well worth the risks of having someone else around and more than tolerating them (and not yowling).

What's your reaction to new people? Do you let them pick you up (in mood, not crazy bear hugs)? Or do you flee to the basement? Isn't Dooley cute? It's like his nose is on crooked.


  1. First, I really ought to get my desk out of there. Sorry. Second, Dooley is my favorite cat too. I don't really like cats, but there's something about Dooley that is likeable.

    Most importantly, I'm concerned. Do you see how close Dooley is to my passport? And a pair of scissors? I can see him now, jaunting all over the world, pretending he's me and cutting out paper dolls like crazy.

  2. ok, sue, you made me laugh a lot! and lynne, shhhhh, i think dooley is my favorite too and i don't even know why. i think it's how he freaks when i come in the room, you know that whole hard to get thing girls go ga-ga over.