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Friday, October 29, 2010

A Darkening World

This is my 10 year old Australian Cattle Dog, Foster (hi Foster!) If you are waving at him, he may not see you. And not because you're at a computer screen (although that's why too).

Foster is going blind.

After finding out that surgery couldn't help him regain his sight, I've read up on dogs going blind. It wasn't all that enlightening (pun intended). It said to expect them to bump into things, stumble, and sometimes fall (I needed a book to tell me this?). Just this week, Foster ran into a tree, stumbled up the stairs, and fell getting out of the truck. Fortunately, he is a very tough dog and doesn't miss a beat.

While I was at a bible study this week, a question was asked about what light does in darkness. It's obvious, isn't it? It dispels it. No longer will a person (or dog) stumble, fall, or bump into things. From Genesis all the way through the bible, Light and Dark are discussed. When Jesus heals a blind person, it's not that the person sinned, and is therefore blind (like some thought), but that without Jesus, we're blind to our sin. We can not see truth. When we see sin through the Light of Jesus, we know the difference. The Light is better. Even the tiniest light can be seen in complete darkness.

Often I find myself stumbling and bumping into things. I've fallen a lot too. "Then there was Light." "The Light of the World." When I hear someone saying they can't stand to think about people dying and going to Hell without Jesus, it makes me sad but it doesn't spur me to action. What I think about is how many people live without Jesus, stumbling, bumping into things, falling down, not knowing how to make the pain stop. That makes me want to tell people how much better it is to walk every day with Jesus. Even if you fall down with Him, it doesn't hurt nearly as bad. There's a lot to be said for forgiveness, grace and peace.

What do you bump into most often? Why does it hurt so bad when even the tiniest toe gets stubbed in the middle of the night (or any time, really)? Do blind dogs need seeing-eye people?

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  1. "do you ever get up in the middle of the night to stub your toe and you slip and go to the bathroom?" - Howie Mandel