Monday, October 4, 2010

Enjoying the Gift

This high-flying pooch is Garbo (hi Garbo!).

Garbo has a somewhat unnatural obsession with her toys. Actually, her toys are really the toys of a young boy or girl, but Garbo takes them over. Last time I saw her, she'd hijacked a plastic hamburger from a child's kitchen. She takes the toy to anyone who will throw it for her and the game never really stops.

Her owners told me she is even worse when it comes to rawhide bones. In fact, she never even enjoys the bone because she is consumed by hiding it so the other dog in the house won't find it. Garbo becomes so worried about her bone being taken, she never gets around to enjoying the treasure.

Until recently, I often stashed gifts to be enjoyed later. Later would never come and sometimes the gift wasn't even good anymore. I've tried to change my mindset to enjoy the treasures now.

Do you ever worry about taking care of your "things" instead of enjoying them? How can you slow down to enjoy each day as a gift? Does your dog steal children's toys?

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