Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Don't Let a Little Thing Like That Stop You

This is Bosco (hi Bosco!).

Bosco is the type of dog some refer to as a "low rider." He has very short legs and is built low to the ground like a Corgi. Bosco is a mix and a darn cute one. I love it when he comes to the kennel as he's very entertaining.

Despite his short legs, Bosco is a perfectly happy little dog who does everything his dog friends do. He runs with them, turns corners on a dime, and plays. When it's time for him to go home, he jumps in the back of his owner's SUV. Well, he tries. He can't quite do it himself. After all, he has short legs. That's when Bosco needs the help of others.

Most of the time, I can do everything I need to at my house and for my business. But not everything. Like right now, I'm planning this 5k for charity and it's making me nuts because I don't know what I'm doing. It's like I have short legs. Fortunately, others are helping me. Then there are those other matters that require help of a higher level - only God can help me - they are such obstacles.

What about you? What can't you jump into without help? How can you overcome them? Have you ever done a 5k? What's the funniest looking dog you've seen?

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