Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's Bacon!!

Today there will be no picture of a happy, bemused, or anxious dog or cat. What you have instead are the remains of some hapless pig, who probably had a surly disposition, so I won't feel bad about eating BACON.

Is there anyone unfamiliar with the commercial that features a dog just dying for his bacon treat? It's pretty memorable. More than one human has looked at a BLT and enthused, "It's bacon!!!"

Last Saturday, I baked up a pound of bacon, which I had not bought for eons. Then, ten minutes after it was out of the oven, it was gone.

Did Foster and/or Tilly eat it? No, but that would be quite a story and it's not like they haven't done stuff like that before.

It was me. I ate it. All of it. Quickly.

Self-control. It's a constant challenge for me. My two dogs seem to have the same problem with food. Within the first year I got Tilly, she snuck down the basement and ate an enormous quantity of dog food. Her stomach was completely bulged. I took her to the vet and had her stomach pumped (which means they made her puke...a lot). When I took her home, she looked perplexed. However, I know that won't keep her from doing the same again, if given the opportunity. See:

For me, nothing is more humbling and embarrassing than my inability to be balanced in eating and drinking. While it isn't a huge problem, even a little is frankly obnoxious. Even though I try not to beat myself up too bad, I'd like to do better. Because it's important to do things right? No, because it's good for me.

Some people think Christianity is all about rules. What some don't know is God loves us through the rules and despite our breaking them. It's a gift to know what's to our benefit. It's a greater gift to know we have the love of a powerful God even if we mess up.

What's your area of challenge with self-control? Food? Wine? Housecleaning? (eek) What's your favorite bacon dish? Has your dog ever stolen anything?


  1. writing. period. :) hey, add some chocolate to that bacon and i'm pretty sure you'll stop eating it. oh, no, wait, that's our friend, pat. favorite bacon recipe from someone who is not a bacon fan.

    cut jalapenos in half and take seeds out, etc.
    fill w/ cream cheese.
    wrap a piece a bacon around
    bake. i've never made these - had them at a couple of parties (it was actually a birthday gift brought for scott)

  2. LOOOOVE BACON, so does my dog willy and cat winky. oh yea, and my 3 year old granddaughter Alli Jo. Bless her heart, it gives me an excuse to buy it!!!! I cheat a little and buy the already cooked kind, little more expensive but less grease and of course less in the package. that means i don't get too much cause i have to share most of it.