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Friday, March 4, 2011

Arriving with Eagerness

Foster and Tilly love to go places. They get in the car just as enthusiastically as they exit.

Some dogs go in the car only when they are heading for the vet, groomer, or kennel. Depending on their attitude, they may equate car rides for an unpleasant arrival.

My dogs go lots of places with me, and often it's to go for a walk at some exotic place like...the college campus' Green Monster.

No matter where we go, they are excited to get there.

Somehow, I need to incorporate this attitude because going places often is a chore. The grocery store (yay food) is exciting, but other places aren't nearly as eventful. And attitude can be manufactured by thinking about not what I'm doing, but who I might see. Maybe they are familiar faces and maybe they are strangers. Either way, it's an opportunity to "bump against" other people and learn about them and how they interact. If it's unpleasant, I've learned something. If it's pleasant, it was worthwhile. Chances are good if I arrive with a good attitude, the people I see will respond in kind.

Go have an adventure today - with a good attitude.

(thanks to Jean for this high quality picture!)

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