Monday, March 21, 2011

Giving a Paw Up

Last week, you learned about Tilly's efforts with Foster. Here's a similar story about our good St. Bernard friends, Sandy and Brandy.

Sandy, who is one week older than Foster, is showing signs of aging. A cattle dog at 11 isn't nearly as old as a St. Bernard at 11, but Sandy is doing amazingly well for a giant breed.

Brandy is a couple years younger than Sandy, and when she joined the household, Sandy protected and tended Brandy, the pup. Now, the roles have reversed and Brandy mothers Sandy by barking at the back door when Sandy needs help getting up or wants to come in for bedtime.

However, still being the kid, Brandy DOES want a treat for her reward!

Do you know someone who is growing older and need an extra hand? What can you do to help that person? Sometimes, it can be as simple as helping someone in the parking lot with their groceries. Even if they might look like they have it "under control," help being offered shows concern, which is appreciated.

Who can you give a "paw up" to today?

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  1. Good post. It's easy to forget to help, but man, you feel so much better about your own role in this world when you're less focussed on yourself and more focussed on others in general. Thanks for the reminder. Oh, and at first I thought you wrote "giving the paw" and I was like - rude dog! How my brain works! Always fun!