Monday, March 14, 2011

Flower Power

Remember when I went to Florida and told you I'd be blogging about the dogs I met down there? Yeah, I know, I didn't do a very good job at that. I've got excuses (not very good ones), but I'm finally featuring a couple of special dogs. (and yes, that's our friend Shiloh watching the show)

That's Daisy and Lily (and their "grandma" Marion), whom I refer to as "flower dogs" because of their names. And, like flowers, they are beauties! Notice how riveted they are to Marion as she offers them treats.

There's something about that focus I wish I could adopt. As I'm transitioning to life back in Ohio, my mind seems unable to calm down and focus on the (many) tasks at hand. It's about worn me out.

Finally, on Saturday, I had to spend some very quiet, easy time in prayer. What I figured out is I, in my own power and wisdom, couldn't focus. After two weeks of trying, I'd failed. I couldn't even put the dishes away. I asked God to "clean up the mess" of my brain.

And it worked. Maybe "it" is not a good way of phrasing it. God honored that prayer by calming me down and helping me break down my lengthy, overwhelming "to do" list, step by step.

Living my life step by step has been the only method that has gotten me through the years with peace and security. For that, I'm truly thankful.

While I can focus on food with few problems, like Daisy and Lily, other parts of life can be challenging. But the treat of going to God is one that is always offered. I just need to rivet my eyes on Him.


  1. after 3 surgeries this last month (all of which i opted for, to help rid this old body of pain) everything in my life has continued to pile up but literally with Gods help I have managed to overcome my OCD and take one day at a time to re-manage my life. Being impatient and constantly questioning the doctors when I will heal is another thing though. I am quite sure the doctors are praying for me to heal quickly so I stop bothering them. Although my plan was to go back to work construction,asap, I feel that maybe this time was meant for me to slow down and pray asking Gods will is for me.

  2. step by step. and sometimes that means baby step by baby step . . . like "what about bob". that's even more my speed.