Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Grass IS Greener!

To me, the grass should be green by St. Patrick's Day. Ever since I noticed that it was so once, I expect it always to be that way. However, it isn't always true, though this year it was darn close. Today when I looked out the window after (yet another) soaking rain, the grass was noticeably greener.

Often I find myself thinking, "if only I was/had x/y/z, my life would really be perfect." In other words, the grass is greener. However, I've talked to enough people to know it's a lie. The grass is never greener. While I believe God instilled in us a longing for life to be perfect, it simply doesn't exist in another person, a certain job, or attaining the ideal weight. But I don't think we're given the notion of what "perfection" is in order for our lives to be frustrating. I believe it really exists - just not in this life. I believe we'll enjoy perfection forever with Jesus.

Every year, even if we don't go to church, God tells us the Resurrection story through nature. After a brutal winter, it doesn't seem like anything buried in the ground could ever come back to life. But in certain climates, Spring shows this is true every year. We long for new life, a perfect life, a grass-is-greener life. God shows us the opportunity made flesh through faith in Jesus.

(tulips sprouting, with Tilly's leg nearby)


  1. I hope Tilly's next step wasn't on those tulips to be!

    Good reminder. I once complained I needed knew shoes till I met a man with no feet. Of course, this is where my husband would say - so you should have asked him if he had any shoes . . . but you get the point . . . it's another good reminder.