Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What's Wrong with This Picture

(besides bluriness)

Since Foster's dog-bite injury, he hasn't been in too good of a mood. Tilly, to her credit, has tried to cheer him. In this picture, She was doing her best to get Foster to play. However, Foster would not be moved.

Now and then, I notice within myself that being grumpy becomes a habit. There is just no humoring me out of my mood. When this happens, I need to "phone a friend" and do something fun. Often, I don't feel like taking that step, but becoming complacent in misery is no way to live.

Hopefully soon Foster will be on the mend. He has a lot of obstacles right now. But he still lights up when we play outside. And he still gets the paper for me in the mornings (it just takes longer for him to find it). Being cheerful is a choice.

What about you? Do you find yourself enjoying your bad moods? What steps can you take to reach out and change?


  1. OH MY a 2 headed dog.... hopefully foster will recoop fast ! your statement "Being cheerful is a choice" is exactly what I have been striving for as well as "preaching" to my family. we have all been running into road blocks in every aspect of life ie: financial, love, health etc. which causes all of us to bite each other periodically. But all of us are also working on a better, closer relationship with Jesus. That is maybe the outcome that God has wanted for us all along.

  2. i feel like i soooo must love my bad moods since i'm so good at them. but like you i find getting out of myself and being with friends whether it's playing or doing something for them helps. and prayer, lots and lots of prayer continuously.

    p.s. tell the truth, was tilly playing twister. right front paw on blue . . .

  3. That's a great observation, Melissa. Wouldn't God want what is "better" in His eyes than in our own. It's tough but true.

    Yes, Island Girl, Tilly is known for her love of Twister. Color Blindness makes it much more difficult, however.