Saturday, March 19, 2011

Nathan Alan Willoughby in His New Home - Fiction

When Edie packed up all of her earthly belongings and her beloved cat, Nathan Alan Willoughby, she had no idea it would take months to settle into her new home and build a new life.

However, this wasn't nearly as difficult for Nathan Alan Willoughby. After all, he'd started over with a new life a couple of times now. Once Edie adopted him, his security was in her love and care - where they were living was secondary.

The first couple of weeks in their new home, the cat spent most of his time in Edie's bedroom. Once he adjusted to this smaller space, the rest of the house was opened for his exploration.

It was scary to have so much unknown space to explore. However, Nathan Alan Willoughby also had his own new cat condo, to which he'd often retreat when he felt overwhelmed. Or even just in need of a nap.

Before, Edie's schedule was very predictable and the cat set the routine of his day around her comings and goings. Now, however, she popped in and out of the house at random times, seven days a week. "I'm sorry, Nathan Alan Willoughby, but starting my own business has been very complicated," she said to him one day when she came in very late.

The cat had scolded her by meowing at her non-stop, even after she fed him his dinner (late, again). Routine was a safety net for the cat, more so than a safe home. Edie's coming and going was unsettling for him.

In time, he accepted that the times of Edie's presence were to be enjoyed, and her absences were to be endured. Either way, Edie was in the cat's life, and that was his source of comfort and strength.

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