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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Accidental Thief

Lately, I've been stealing things.  It hasn't been on purpose.  Last weekend, I noticed that there were about 4-5 leashes there that weren't mine.  That means some dog owners don't have their leashes.  And dog bowls.  I like it when people bring their own bowls because then I don't have to wash them.  When they are staineless steel bowls, identical to the ones I use in the kennel, sometimes I forget to return them.
It's embarrassing to have an abundance of things that belong to other people/dogs in the kennel.  When I see them, I hope they understand it was not my intention to keep them.  More than that, I wish they'd contact me to let me know they are missing them.  Because, um, I don't know who they belong to!

Isn't it awful to be misunderstood?  We try so hard to understand each other, but often mistakes are made, conclusions are reached that are incorrect, and hard feelings may ensue.

It's better to believe the best of people, that their intentions were not bad.  After all, people in general are so busy that they aren't thinking of much besides themselves and what they have to do next.

Today, take some time to be patient with others.  Listen to their words and hear their hearts.  It's easier to believe the worst, so do the extra work of thinking a matter through and trusting the best.


  1. I hate having a dog that is misunderstood. Everyone thinks Jimmy is an insane beast that needs to be disciplined into submission because that's the Jimmy presented to guests. When it's just us, he's (mostly) adorable and smart and affectionate and curious and inspiring. But around guests...he's an unrecognizable hellion. Sigh.

  2. My expectation of dogs' behavior in the kennel is never the same as how they behave at home. That also means, my expectation of them when they see people. I have a dog like Jimmy, named Tilly!