Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Stench of Sin

This past week I was supposed to go away for a couple days and nights of relaxation.

That didn't happen.

Why?  Guess who tangled with a skunk.
Instead of putting my feet up for some much needed rest, I spent the next several days doing many loads of laundry, throwing out throw rugs and dog beds, washing the dogs and opening every window in the house to air it out.

At least the weather was nice.

It is truly amazing how a little skunk can not only change a human's plans but also cause enough odor to create a lot of work as the odor seeped into every level of my home.  Additionally, when I met up with friends of mine for dinner five days later, they let me know l'eau de skunk still wafted on me.

Sin is the same way.  It may seem small and unobtrusive.  It may even look cute and innocent.  However, once you tangle with it, you can't get the smell off of you.  You can walk back in your home, thinking you are unaffected, but then notice that every room has been penetrated by the stench of sin.  It's not only you, but everyone with whom you come into contact.  It may even change the plans others had, based on your actions and consequences.  It's ridiculously hard to get rid of it's odor and taint.

When in need of a remedy for the skunk odor on the dogs, I looked it up on the internet (yes, hydrogen peroxide, dish soap and baking soda is definitely the way to go).

What is the remedy for sin and its consequences?  C'mon. You know - you just don't want to admit you need help.  Run to Jesus.  Seek his cleansing power of sin, now and forever.  While you will never be perfect in this life, you can have access to power to resist more than before.  More importantly, you no longer carry the offensive odor of sin about you if you are made right with Jesus. 

Get cleansed today!


  1. OH NO. . I thought about you this weekend, thinking how you were getting rest. I would check out "tails" just to make sure you hadn't added any stories. I am so sorry your plans got "skunked". Saying a little prayer for you.

  2. Thanks Melissa! My feet are still sore and your prayers are most welcome!