Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Moving Up from the Dumpster Life

There was a large grey cat hanging outside the pizza place in town.  I came home with a pizza and a cat.
This was over ten years ago and let's just say my husband wasn't too pleased with the "extra topping."  However, Baker was an awesome cat.  He was enormous, having dined on dumpster food, but his coat was lackluster due to poor nutrition.  Once established on regular balanced cat food diet, Baker transformed into a healthy cat with a beautiful coat.

Sometimes our lives get off track and we start living a "dumpster" lifestyle.  Well, maybe YOU haven't, but it's not hard to look far to see messy lives.  Many don't even realize that there's a better way to live.  If they do, they may despair that there's no way out.

But there is.  There's hope and strength in faith in Jesus.  He rescues us, even when we fail.  He redeems our pain and takes on our burdens.

It's what I need.  Jesus transformed pain in my life to hope.  It's possible to leave the spiritual dumpster to be renewed with forgiveness and grace for a diet of hope that makes us glow inside and out.  It begins with reaching out for the hand of the Lord, that is always extended to us.

If you're interested in reading an allegory about this very idea, be sure to check out "Miranda's Bottom."

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