Monday, October 1, 2012

Where Do You Find Rest?

If you have dogs, they usually are sleeping at your feet.

If you have cats, they usually are sleeping just about anywhere.
When I found Dooley napping in this plantar, he was unhappy to be woken for a picture.  If the flowers had still been alive, they would have been even more unhappy.

When we go through our days, we find plenty of things that unsettle our peace.  It could be while you are at home and a news item on the radio upsets you.  Maybe a co-worker eats your lunch or argues you down at a meeting.

Disruptions happy anywhere. Fortunately, we can seek refuge in God no matter where we are.  Just a few years ago, I was visiting a cave and as we were descending hundreds of feet under the earth, I started to panic.  I closed my eyes, took deep, deep breaths, and prayed.  Really hard.  Soon, I remembered that even in the deep places of the earth, God is there.  And He gave me peace.  I was able to finish the tour and even enjoy it.

Yet that was a revealing experience for me.  It brought to life the words "How deep, how wide, how strong is the love of Jesus."  He is Omnipresent.  And I am glad!

Today, no matter where you are or what you are experiencing, there is peace and comfort with the mighty King.  Seek Him first.


  1. Seems it would be easy to remember and have faith. However, I get caught up in the moment and try to do it myself instead of relying on God to get me through. I am thankful that He is available all the time through everything. It amazes me when people ask, "where was your God when such and such happened?" It is a difficult challenge to help people understand that we make choices that are not so good, then rely on God to make us strong to get us through it. As well as the life struggles that are thrown at us (difficulties we didn't choose to have) that are sometimes unbearable. It doesn't make it simple to have faith, but in my life, it is a requirement to have FAITH. I can't do it on my own. How sad so many people are without God in their lives.

    1. Melissa - you're right - so many people are without God and seem not to suffer much from that. However, they just don't understand what a difference it makes to have God with us, even through all the tough stuff.

      Yes, how do we 'explain' it? Sometimes just living peacefully is the best evidence, while being honest about the tough stuff.

      You're a blessing to all who witness what you bear!