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Friday, September 28, 2012

Standing at the Door and Knocking..and Knocking...

We've had a lot of rain here the last two days.  As in, almost three inches on Wednesday.  As a result, the dehumidifier in the kennel has been working pretty hard to keep the air clean and comfortable for the dogs.

However, it could not keep the back door of the kennel from swelling to the point where I can no longer open it.  This is a big problem when you have many dogs needing to go out.  And they don't want to wait:
Waiting is so difficult.  None of us wants to put off what we believe we want, need, is inevitably ours.  Unlike the dogs, who really NEED to go out, most of what we perceive we need we could do without.

Is it so difficult to believe that we can't have everything?

Yes.  Yes it is.

What are you waiting for, possibly that you don't really "need?"  What have you not received that  you thought you needed, only to realize you would have been worse off if you'd obtained it?

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  1. OUCH I usually think I need a whole lot more than I have...but of course that is just my mortality "wanting, wanting & wanting". It doesn't help when envy hits the scene and tempts even more "wanting". But thankfully God keeps me in check and in some way shows me that what I have is really all I need to prosper in this life to reach the final goal of Heaven. But it is without a doubt very hard to see the difference between what I need and what I want until I go to the Lord for help.
    And on a side note, if it was me needing to get the door open to "go out", I would be biting at your heels to "get that door open" LOL