Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Unfortunately, I don't always get a good picture of every dog that comes to the kennel.  When that happens, I sub the picture with another dog - usually Tilly.
This was taken when she decided to "sit" on my lap.  That didn't work out so well.

Recently a little dog stayed at the kennel, and he was scared of me.  He'd get close but then dart away from me, barking the entire time.  He was small, so it was hard to maneuver him back into the kennel.  Getting a slip leash over him was a challenge. However, as soon as it was on him and snug around his neck, the dog instantly calmed.

There's something to be said for security, to know someone is leading you.  The important thing to examine is if what  you are "tied to" leads you to good and righteous places that are for your well being.  Or, are you restrained and tethered to what may ultimately sink you.

Today, follow God.  The Lord's ways are good.  All the time. 

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