Friday, September 21, 2012

Never Too Old to Play

Yesterday Foster got a toy out of the "toy box" and brought it to me.
This was huge.

He hasn't wanted to play like that for many months.  With the cooler weather, he's been more lively in general.  But to bring me a toy....signs of life I thought he'd lost in his old, blind and mostly-deaf age.

It made me so happy.  Even Tilly thought it was great.  She ran upstairs and got her favorite squeeky toy and brought it down to get in on the action.

Have you ever met a follower of Christ who is constantly wringing their hands over their own sinfulness?  While it's good to recognize, regret, and repent of our sin, we should never forget our restoration through Christ.  That is a cause to rejoice and live free, knowing there is no condemnation through Jesus.

We can live above our circumstances, and indulge in playing and enjoying life instead of carrying the heavy burden of sin.  That is a sign of life - renewed spiritual life.

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