Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Get Off Your Horse

There's a story about Teddy Rosevelt encountering a family down on their luck.  He went to a street merchant, wanting to buy provisions for them.  The merchant refused.  Rosevelt, bewildered that his money was rejected, asked why.
"Because, Sir, you must come down from your horse if you wish to help."


It's easier to write a check than get our hands dirty with the messy lives of people who are in tough circumstances.

Jesus not only "came down off his horse," but left the comfort and power of Heaven to come down to poverty, pain and powerlessness of being a human.  Though he still had the divine power, he chose to live humbly, reaching anyone from his low position. 

No one wants to appear weak.  I know I don't.  Yet if we wish to show what God's love is all about, that every person is worthy of His love, then getting off our high horse may be the way to do it.

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