Monday, September 10, 2012

Tilly Goes to the Beach

The local park sponsored a dog beach day last Saturday.  Knowing it would be awful for Foster, I gave him a rawhide and snuck out the door with Tilly.
When we got there, she ran aournd and sniffed everything.  Fortunately, the other dogs were polite and none of them did any "aggressive sniffing" because she really hates that (can you blame her?).  She played with a tennis ball but did NOT like the sand.  She tried playing a little with the other dogs, but just couldn't seem to figure it out.  She found the people very interesting.

Here I thought this was going to be special outing for her and she pretty much was "meh, beach, water, dogs - just like home."  After an hour of waiting for her to embrace her beach experience, I gave up and went home, where Foster was done with his rawhide.

Sometimes we take the "special" for granted.  If we see something every day, we take it for granted.

This is true for relationships too.  It's especially true with God. We forget the every day kindnesses, gifts, peace, and safety He gives us.  We walk around thinking we deserve it, and that if our fragile world cracks, it's a crisis and God hates us. 

Today, stop and appreciate something you've often overlooked.  Value it as a gift. 

What will you thank God for today?

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  1. Thank you for that reminder, I do that a lot in life, overlook what I should be very thankful for.