Friday, September 14, 2012

Contain Yourself

Some owners seem distressed about leaving their dogs at a kennel because they are in a cage.  After caring for dogs for nearly fifteen years, the negative connotation the word "cage" has is purely from a human perspective. 
Not all, but most dogs feel safe in a cage.  We may perceive a dog on the end of a rope by a dog house as being in a better situation, but from the dog's point of view, they are more vulnerable.  In other words, a cage is a safer environment.
Some people feel that religion is all about the rules, that faith in God is a burden.  However, the 'rules' are a gift - following them is the equivalent of not playing in traffic.  It is a better way to live. 

While it's impossible to keep all the rules perfectly, striving for them and appreciating that they can save our physical and spiritual life is important.  When we do fail, and we all fail, there is forgiveness in Jesus.  Now that's true freedom.

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