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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Damaged Goods

This is Kody.  This post is not about him.  The dog it is about wasn't up for his picture being taken.
Actually, he wasn't up for much of anything.

Said Dog came with a rap sheet that was too long for the short amount of time the dog was with the owner - 6 weeks.  In that time, the dog had bitten the owner multiple times (fortunately, it was a small dog).  The owner suspected the dog had been abused by a woman, as it was fine with men.

It has been years since I've been bitten by any dogs in the kennel.  I accepted the challenge of this dog, realizing that I'm either due to get bit (see above about small dog) or that my skills have improved so much that I won't.  We also discussed that it would be better if we kept the dog on a leash while at the kennel.

The first day and a half with Said Dog were just fine.  He went out and came back in with no problems.  He ate food, he took treats. 

After a dog had a small accident, I got the sponge mop.  The Sponge Monster!

Said Dog came UNGLUED.  He ran to the edge of his kennel run and barked and growled.  He wasn't the same after that.  Each time I approached him, in exactly the same manner as before, he growled and once even lunged at me.

It made me sad because obviously someone had really done a number on this little dog.

The sad truth is that not every dog can be rehabilitated.  While this dog isn't hopeless, the owner has her work cut out for her.  It will be a long road, and it may not end happily.

There are sick people in our society. We all know it.  It is sad.  From our point of view, we can not rehabilitate them all.  In so many cases, we can only shrug in confusion and hopelessness.

Where do we turn for help?  We can't understand everything and the why's and how's of this world can ovewhelm.  While I do believe we were given curious minds and should ask questions, sometime we don't have answers.  I'm thankful I can go to God, shrug, ask "why?" and even if I don't receive an answer, I can trust.  It is that time when I must step out in faith and trust God to redeem all pain and know where the hope is for every hopeless case.

Run to God with your pain and hopelessness.  It is the place to be honest.  In return, you may not get answers, but you'll get God's presence.  There's nothing better than that.

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